Aventura Four Point Inspection

Aventura Home Inspection Professionals gives you a no hassle, speedy, four point inspection. The four point inspection is a detailed visual surveillance of your roof, HVAC, plumbing and electric. We will get to that in a minute, but first it is important to address an issue that many inspection companies will not tell you. All too many Florida insurance companies demand a different set of rules for their own inspections. Aventura Home Inspection Professionals four point inspections bypass this problem by performing an inspection applauded by all Florida insurance companies. Other companies may have you pay for multiple inspections, here, you only need one.

Your home is interconnected in many different ways. The roof is what protects everything, like the mountains it is strong and difficult to move. But eventually water will carve a path through it just as rain will find a seeping point. And wind will tear away at its foundations and edges, if left alone a roof will be removed from its holdings and leave all that lived under it vulnerable.

The ventilation system in your house is run by electricity and would be comparable to the wind element for obvious reasons. The unit outside takes the air and circulates it through the home, warming or cooling it as you desire. The pressures change as does the wind. Occasionally there is some debris that goes along with it, that debris will damage your vents significantly putting holes in the tunnels. We will find any of these points and show them to you.

Your plumbing is of course water, as that is what runs through the pipes, the life blood of the house. Without it we are back in the dark ages unable to comprehend the simplest of things. However these pipes rust and must be repaired. We will help you revive your home.

The electric is the fire portion, the sparks that are caused by exposed wires not being properly treated are the reasons for hundreds of fires every year. We won’t let this happen to you.  Aventura Home Inspection Professionals finds everything dangerous in your home, brings it to your attention, and tells you how to fix it.

  • Wind Mitigation

    Save $$$$

    Pay less than your neighbors. Aventura Home Inspection Professionals provides you with the tools you need to save on your home owner’s insurance with our wind mitigation inspection.


    You may wonder why your neighbor pays less insurance than you do for relatively the same house. It turns out you could be paying that lowered rate as well. All you need is a wind mitigation inspection, and for the best results use Aventura Home Inspection Professionals. We not only give you the certificate detailing everything found in the inspection, a quality assurance department that makes sure it is correct, a scheduling team that gets the report to its destination on time, and a low price of $99 but also a means to receive higher discounts in the future.

    We do this by informing you of every discount available and telling you the best way to do them. Many discounts lie within the roof. A roof will not last forever and when it has to come down, make sure the one that takes its place gives you all the discounts you can handle. Easier discounts include opening protection, such as window shutters. When all is said and down you could very well be saving over 60% on your home insurance, but for now let us take a look and we can start you off around a 25% discount usually. Your home probably qualifies for at least one discount and in all likelihood many more. You are paying too much for your home owner’s insurance and we can fix that!


  • Four Point Inspection

    Older home?
    Roof, HVAC, Plumbing, Electric. A four point inspection hits it all.


    The good old four point inspection. The inspection to rule them all, everything of moderate importance is caught up in this inspection in one way or another, not even the kitchen sink is left out. The four point inspection hits the roof above, and the ceiling below; the HVAC and all of your heating, ventilation, air conditioning areas of interest; the electricity and follows your wiring all around your house; and your plumbing in its entirety.

    The roof is one of the biggest elements on your home, it is very important in keeping you safe and saving you money. You are protected from the weather thanks to your roof and all your air conditioning is kept inside, saving you money on your electric bill. All four points in this inspection are connected. Aventura Home Inspection Professionals will see to it that each is checked for coherence in its building style and that it continues to function normally. The roof protects you and we will make sure it continues to by informing you of all necessary maintenance. Your HVAC keeps you cool and we will notify you of any issues in this department. Your Plumbing keeps you comfortable; we will tell you of any malfunctioning areas. Your electricity keeps you connected to the outside world, all important in this day and age; let us help in your networking effort. Aventura Home Inspection Professionals is there for you!

  • Roof Inspection

    No house without a roof: Raise the roof? Roofs are the worst things to have break, secure it with an Aventura Home Inspection Professionals Roof Inspection!



    Fix that leak! Keep your roof! Find the Problems! Learn how to fix them! All for a great price! Aventura Home Inspection Professionals will find every whole, every puddle, every opening, every valley in your roof, and we tell you the uncontested best solution for each individual problem. You will learn how long a roof will last, normally 15 to 20 years, but that number could be cut in half because the type of weather that makes Aventura, Florida so great also does serious harm to the roof. The heat unmolds shingles; the rain slips in-between the shingles and damages the wooden supports inside. Then the strong winds brought by hurricanes will rip your roof from the walls. Fix this quick with An Aventura Home Inspection Professionals roof inspection is only $99 and it saves you a whole lot of heart ache. We will even let you in on our industry secrets and point you in the right direction to the best way to fix all your problems. If that happens to be that you need a whole new roof we know just the people for the job. At a low price, the expert contractors we suggest will get the work done in a jiffy. After the work is done schedule another Aventura Home Inspection Professionals roof inspection so that we can make sure all work was done correctly. With us looking over everything you will be sure that your roof is in perfect condition by the end of the day.

  • Full Home Inspection

    Peace of mind: Know what you are getting into! Aventura Home Inspection Professionals will tell you everything you need to know about a house before it is time to move in.



    Aventura Home Inspection Professionals is here to protect you from buying a house that will fall apart upon entry.  We despise deceitful sellers that try to sell you a home for much more than it is worth only to have it fall apart as soon as you move in. We will stop that fate in its tracts! Our inspectors know every trick in the book and how to counter it. They know where everything hides and how to drawn them out. Nothing gets passed our inspectors they have done over 100,000 home inspections fully and we have 100,000 happy customers, yours will be no exception.

    We are able to identify every type of home violation and show it for what it is worth, allowing you to either pay proper price for a home or continue looking for another. We also inform you of all the positives a property has to offer so that you can get a feel for the home as a whole. Some things like storm shutters will make the home more appealing because it is safer in a hurricane and because it is a money saver in terms of home owner’s insurance discounts. We will also inform you of the areas that make the house a possibly good investment in the future. A coming roof replacement sounds bad, but it is actually your chance to upgrade the home and save even more with wind mitigation discounts. Whatever you choose, Aventura Home Inspection Professionals will be right there behind you every step of the way.